Three Mentorship Streams

Black post-secondary & high school students are matched with established industry mentors. Opportunity to attend webinars, networking events and career planning training sessions.
Black professionals are matched with seasoned industry professionals who are leaders within their profession. This stream provides the opportunity to proteges at different stages in their career to receive professional development through the counsel and guidance of an industry expert.
Black entrepreneurs are matched with well-established entrepreneurs who can provide strategic guidance on related industry. Proteges will have access to our vast network of growing partners.

Each Mentorship Streams offers area of opportunity and development for Black professionals who are either struggling to overcome barriers or simply want to elevate their career to the next level.

We stand firm in our mission, vision and values and we believe in the power of investing in effective mentoring. Running strong mentorship cohorts will allow us to develop top emerging Black professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced performers engaged and energized.

To break barriers, we must transfer knowledge and skills. A strong mentorship program helps to develop a pipeline of future Black leaders who hold the skills and attitudes required to succeed.

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Success – Increasing successful black professionals in various industries.

Ownership – Taking ownership of our career and making an impact.

Advancement – Progression of black professionals in various industries.

Respect – Respect the knowledge black Professionals bring to the table .